Index of Poetry
A Dream Forgotten Winds of Change
A Dream Remebered Words Are
A Fisherman's Tale
A Solitary Sailor
A Victim's Call
And I Lost My Heart
And So It Begins
Autumn's Psalm
Because This Day I Breathe
Christmas Day
Courage of Man
Hope for a Future
Irish Blood
Like A Dream
Little Mr. Tagalong
Longest Tea Time of the Soul
Lost in your Arms
Love's Lost Memory
My Heart Lies Tattered
My Sweet Princess
Ode to a Basketball Net
Ode to Candlelight
Ode to Shadow
Ode to the Tailor
Oh, Piteous State
Out Like a Light
Sick Little Me
Tender Mercy
The Hungry Pelican
The Muse Doth Call
Through Tears
To All Those Who Have Gone Before
To Hug a Tree
To the Brink


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