Oh, Piteous State

"Poor me"
He cries
"Woe is me
Second Class
Don't you see
How you treat me?

"You sit and type
To friends unseen
What'll it take
To get you
To see
I'm here?"

"You left me years ago
When you broke my heart
I needed you
and where were you?
In some can of beer
Or some other distant place.

"You ask for me now
That love's faded
It's my turn to evade
Heart broken and alone
I waited for you
With tear stained cheeks

"You're not second class
It is that I must
Protect my broken heart
From the slings
and arrows cast
In hurtful spite"

Oh, the piteous state
Where love was once
A passionate affair
That burned hot
Seering our souls
Before turning to ice.

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