A New Home

Flowing Pen recieves a domain to call home

If it is true that is is the thought that counts, then our new home is priceless. We were being hosted as a small site on Dreams and Wishes' main site. This space was priceless as it allowed for a presence on the World Wide Web. The Former webmistress for Jumpbean Enterprises and Dreams and Wishes helped us get our new home in September 2003 and the property on which it sat, however as she has gone on to pursue other projects we are no longer allowed the space on her host.

Therefore our new home www.flowing-pen.com is currently not hosted and when we are able to find a new host at which to park our domain we will return to using our new home(though this link does currently lead to the mirror site). If you are curious about the site, please contact Our Webmistress and she will put you in touch with the site creator.

We will maintain our mirror site at Flowing-Pen. Updates will continue to be posted there even after we locate a new host for our domain so as to offer our visitors uninterrupted access to the works of Jodi Michele Parker James.

If you enjoyed the poem on the initial page, please visit often as we will be adding more over the next few weeks.

Until we meet again.

Merry Part


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