New Additions to Webteams

Flowing Pen recieves a shot in the arm with new additions to Web Design team of Jumpbean Enterprises.

When Jumpbean Enterprises took on RoseBlade Designs as their new web design team, a great deal of discussion was made as to how best to proceed in the expansion of displaying , Mrs James' works.

There was discussion of scrapping the entire site and starting afresh, though this would mean undoing the work Mrs. James had done on her own site. The agreement was that the site would be allowed to evolve on its own with some input from RoseBlade Designs and the design team.

Time got away from Mrs. James as she took time out to take care of something near and dear to her heart. Flowing Pen was left idle as it was not fully within RoseBlade Designs jurisdiction. With her daughter's education back on track and the new addition to RoseBlade Designs linking actively to her site, Mrs. James has decided to turn her attentions back to expanding her site.

After a great deal of consideration, Mrs. James has decided to add a section of work from those who inspire her. The Muse's Corner will be added as soon as sufficient material is gathered.

If you enjoyed the poem on the initial page, please visit often as we will be adding more over the next few weeks.

Until we meet again.

Merry Part


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