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Welcome to the Heart of My Muse

In the following Pages you will find My Muse is somewhat  Prolific. She has inspired most of my better known Pieces. And was quite insistent when it came to waking me to work when she is ready.

By listening to her, I have become blessed. Words that flow through me have been heard or read throughout the world. They have inspired, touched and spoken to many, all while simply being the words of a Mother, Poet, Photographer, Playwright, Artist and Writer.

I have always believed that everyone has a Muse. Their Muse, if they were to listen, would inspire them to inspire others. How one inspires others could be anything from the simple act of helping to the far more complex act of getting someone to stop and think. Thoughts beget thoughts and Kindness begets kindness and in this harried world in which we live many seem to forget that.

Please Feel Free to Peruse this site and if you have any Questions you may contact me...

Thank you,

Poet at Large

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