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The first poem I ever had published was the one you saw on the front page of this site. Though its first line is where the name for this site came from, its actual title is "Like a Dream" . From the day that was published until the day "The Muse Doth Call" was published I continued to write poetry, but did not seek to get any of them published. I thought of them as simply some words that I had strung together.

When others began to read my poetry I was very much taken aback by what the responses I got. From the comments and some discussions with fellow writers came the poem "Words Are..." I was not that impressed with it, but others had a different opinion.

With a growing portfolio of Poetry, I was urged to submit them in other places. I was also encouraged to create a portfolio on a site for writers. I did and got even more comments on my poetry. As that site has limited what you can do without paying "Memebership Dues" I have not posted to that site in a long time.

I will be moving my poems here. Please feel free to comment on them.

Jodi Michele Parker James

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