A Fisherman's Tale
Water rushes through slits in the flood gates
Man made obstacles to the natural river flow
Worms, minnows and shad all cast out on hooks
The elusive "Big Daddy" sought by all.

Ripples left by bass boats run though fishing lines
Lap the feet of the fishermen on the rocks and beach
Floats and corks bob gently on the waves and ripples
A hit breeds excitement in the lazy summer air

Tug, pull, reel in smoothly, tug, pull, reel again
Fight for life, for some the hook means death
Pull, tug, must fight, pull, tug, avoid the rocks and beach
Laughter from the fishermen, such fight for something so small.

Less than a hand's width in length, toss it back
"We want your Papa or better yet 'Big Daddy'
come on back to see us when you're bigger
and we'll have you home with us to dinner"

Bait the hook and cast again, curses at the reel
Crows nest, the line's a mess, they'll have me clean
Nothing to do but untangle the line and try again
Reel in and hope for a better cast next time

More bait and a clean precise cast fingers crossed
Patience and time will tell who is next on the line
Hit and run. Hit and tug cork is under something's hooked
Tug, pull, reel in smoothly, tug, pull, reel again.

A fight for life, tug, pull must avoid the rocks and beach.
Tug, pull, pole bent, tug, pull, reel in steady, tug, pull
Oh so close, tug, pull, reel in again, can land it now
From knuckles to elbow, perfect size to come to supper.

The sun sets and "Big Daddy" has survived another day
Still there below the spillway waiting for the right time
To make yet another appearance and keep his myth alive
With the fish tail of "the big one that got away"

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